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Did you know that even dads can suffer from Baby blues? Watch the recorded live stream on what actually Postpartum Depression is and if there are any treatments out there. Hear Dr. Krithika Chandrasekaran and Lori Schulman discuss on the Altus Lifescience platform on how to deal with Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression and Anxiety when social distancing is encouraged during COVID19.


Managing your health during the Coronavirus pandemic could be tough. Believe it or not it could take a toll on women’s health as school, offices, work places are all closed. This increases the burden of domestic care that typically falls to us – women. From taking care of loved ones, to attending zoom work meetings, or may be just lying in the bed to Netflix, it all just makes us forget that we need to give our health a priority. We asked few women to record themselves and share their tips with us. Watch the video to see is what they had to say.

Women's plea to women - take regular checkups

Dafina Malovska was 35 when she started experiencing severe and persistent bloating four years ago, which she says her GP put down to gluten intolerance. When cutting out wheat made no difference, and a gastroenterologist’s tests found nothing wrong with her stomach, Dafina was simply advised to “eat Activia yoghurts” to beat the bloat. Watch her complete story and see how it changed her life.

Life after Lockdown for Women

See how women in India are taking care of their health. Life after Coronavirus lockdown is completely changed from what it used to be before the pandemic. Watch this inspirational video of how our middle-aged women are taking take of their health by building a healthy routine with stay at home lifestyle.